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What is Sustainable Development?

"Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It contains within it two key concepts: the concept of needs, in particular the essential needs of the world's poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and the idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment's ability to meet present and future needs." - Our Common Future, Brundtland Report.

A brief introduction
In present days we do not have only one crisis, we have a global and interconnected crisis. We can say that we have present an ecologic, social, economic and cultural crisis. All of these crisis has lead humankind to new ways of viewing and approaching the present and future. We cannot view and act as we did until now, change is needed. Our growth and development need to be seen with other ideas, planning and organization. In the last decades mankind had an exponential growth of population, that was a result of the industrial revolution and all the good things evolution and technology brought. They were great years and many milestones of evolution were made. We can say that in the last 100 years mankind gave a giant step in his evolution. The expansion of our species brought big challenges for the world we live in and for it's development. The simple fact of mankind ocuppying a bigger percentage of the globe affected the existing ecosystem, making it change and adapt to a new reality. However, it is not possible to have a natural and balanced adaptation to such quick and big changes knowing that the human footprint persists in the use and abuse of our natural resources. That said we need to take the right precautions to mantain the natural balance of the planet we live in. Mankind that until then coabitated with the ecosystem without changing it in a large scale, changed completely his behaviour. He started to explore the natural resources in an exaustive way making it nearly impossible for the ecosystem to balance itself at the same time. This behaviour lead to a short of some natural resources and in some places to their complete exploration. Man started to procreate in a large scale and it lead to the exploration of more fields so that new cities and new civilizations could grow. The search for space for new houses and industries led to more exploration of space and resources such as forests and natural habitats. In almost all the cases this was made with no respect for the environment and it's habitants and with no plan or organisation.

This process of evolution resulted in a bigger number of the human population but in the other hand a smaller number of other species. Something is happening, mankind cannot adapt his evolution and growth without destroying and harming the environment, it's ecosystems and it's habitants. Mankind is not coabitating the planet in a natural way, creating his big cities and societies and forgetting his real origins and needs. Nowadays he starts suffering the consequences of his behaviour and this can only be solved with a change in global behaviour towards this planet and all it's natural systems. The big challenge resides in the inclusion of the environment and all it's resources that support life in man's vision and societies. We can deduce that in previous times like the industrial revolution man did not think in his impact and forgot to include the environment and all it's variables in the question. In this moment we are in a pos industrial revolution time and in a globalised world, the risks are even bigger and the problems also tend to get bigger and global. The accelerated rythm of development and transformation of man societies has to be re-though and re-structured. Lots of problems have appeared related to the waste and pollution made by man. This also contributes to make things worse. With the pollution of the air, waters and lands it starts to be difficult for the survival of certain species leading them to a certain extinction. The way things are going it won't take long to have no conditions for human and other species to live in this planet in a natural way. We can say that from this line of thought Sustainable Development appeared to try to leave things as they were found in nature from generation to generation. It's a global and planetary challenge, since the problems and consequences are being lived by all of us regarding whose fault it is. In the end all of us are guilty, ones by doing bad things and others by letting the others do bad things and not acting on them to prevent and to solve things in the right way.

With all the actual crisis the necessity to create and adapt systems to make them more sustainable and efficient can be essencial to the development of our societies and the planet. From this line of thought this project was bourne.